We are mindful rebels, harnessing technology, demystifying regulations and driving business–and planet-positive outcomes.

We are located in the heart of Europe, connecting dots across corporates, regulators and financial institutions around the world.

Hyphen Global AG

Bösch 73
CH-6331 Hünenberg ZG

Executive Team

We are actively working to increase our diversity, equity and inclusion efforts in our growing company. We welcome different perspectives and backgrounds to our team, and we are aware this will generate better solutions to solve the climate crisis around the world.

Miles Austin

Chief Executive Officer

Over the past 10 years, Miles has distinguished himself at the forefront of digital assets and new technology for the 4th Industrial Revolution, especially for climate action. In his roles as Founder of CPG Capital and as early adopter of utility tokens that create the digital infrastructure for the WEF 4IR, he has developed new ways to use scalable technology platforms to address systemic issues of risk management and of environmental impact for investors.

Andreas Bräuning

Chief Creative Officer

Over the past decade, Andreas has crafted narratives exploring ideas about culture, society and technology as a documentary filmmaker and media professional for global brands and publications. As a co-founder of Hyphen Global AG, he seeks to facilitate a narration urging the world to reimagine the future of climate risk mitigation.

David Grimes

Chief Climate Officer

Over his 40 year career in global environmental and climate policy and practice, David has been at the forefront of data science, climate related diplomacy, and environmental regulation in his roles as President of WMO and as Deputy Minister of Environment for Canada as well as the founder of Climate Change Canada, which is the national agency focused on climate issues for Canada and its citizens.

Thierry Gilgen

Chief Technology Officer

With over ten years in IT infrastructure and blockchain, Thierry spent most of his career in global companies in the medical and biotech sectors, where he held senior technical positions and was responsible for the strategic technical roadmap and its implementation. He oversees three developers specialized in smart contracts and oracles.

Dave Bennell

Chief Sustainability Officer

Over his 30 year career leading corporate sustainability initiatives and industry collaborations toward sustainable growth, David has been at the center of global shifts in the development of new policy and better company practice in his roles as Director for WBCSD and for Ceres, as well as in his work with Microsoft and LL Bean, for which he led the creation of several industry standards for environmental impact.


Alexandria Villaseñor

At just 17 years old, Alexandria is one of the world’s leading Youth Climate Activists. A co-founder of EarthUprising and the US Youth Climate Strike, Alexandria is an invaluable source of perspective and vision as we navigate the climate crisis.

David Casey

David catalyzes ecosystems to engineer systemic change. He has founded three companies and helped scale another to 8 digits revenue, in addition to advising a number of companies. His work has centered around movement-building, and leveraging blockchain technology for socioeconomic transformation. His current focus is redesigning the structure and dynamics of credit, and building just solutions for the 99%.

John Bender

Since 2008, John Bender has been on the board of a single-family office with historic associations to a FTSE-100 company. He is a member of the investment committee and oversees the wealth structuring requirements of beneficiaries often as independent trustee or fiduciary protector. Mr Bender also chairs a board of eminent trust lawyers as Director-General of the International Trust Arbitration Organisation.

Greg Tutton

Over his 30 year career at the intersection of public sector and private sector technology initiatives, Greg has worked to create new ways of mitigating systemic operational and financial risks in agribusiness, environmental science, and climate risk management, with a particular focus on the role of green externalities as systemic risk transmission channels for the global financial stability. His work with Hyphen brings together more than a decade of work on risk management through improved real world data collection and new ways of organizing information.