Solution 3


automates data reporting, allowing clients to monitor and validate primary direct data for informed decisions 
to improve sustainable practices.  

In today's fast-evolving markets, embracing digitization has become imperative for enterprises seeking to stay competitive and adapt swiftly to changing regulations, customer expectations, and market trends. At Hyphen we elevate your organization's operations and future-proof your data-flows with our cutting-edge infrastructure.

Primary Direct Data encompasses data 
that is measured directly at the source, 
such as metered flow measurements, fuel sampling, product flow measurement 
and other crucial IoT data.

By offering real-time insights on enterprise across 
all facility operations and facilitating data analysis, 
we empower enterprises to make informed decisions 
and optimize their operations.
Enhance data entry processes to lower data management
and audit costs.
Ensure data accuracy and reliability, minimizing errors, inconsistencies and duplications.
Enable efficient facility operations and adapt to market conditions
with real-time analytics.
Streamline data integration across
multiple facilities to enhance collaboration and decision-making.
Auditable data records
for all primary direct data sources
Anomaly and disruption detection
within data flows
Automated data collection,
standardization, validation
Permissioned data distribution
Join us on this journey towards a more sustainable future. With real-time GHG data
and unrivaled expertise, Hyphen leads the way in harnessing the full potential of voluntary carbon markets and wider sustainability initiatives under the Paris Agreement.

Together, let's make 

a difference in the fight against climate change.