Meet Hyphen.
Robust infrastructure services to enable climate disclosures

We’re at the forefront of technology, and can deliver on its promise of speed, security and accuracy through decentralized systems.

How does it work?

We facilitate and validate your data aggregation

We work to aggregate climate data along your production processes and value chains. We work with you to integrate partner data across supply chains to make your emissions reporting more accurate and efficient.

We give you real-time oversight of your data streams

Our tailored decentralized network is faster than any centralized counterpart, allowing us to bring you information across multiple data streams in near real-time — anything from water usage, energy consumption to GHGs and ODS emissions from each of your facilities.

We ensure the safety of your data

Our smart contract enabled decentralized network is built for maximum safety for you and your company’s data. The Hyphen Oracle Network nodes operate with the highest security standards of on-chain data, and we work together to create custom data adaptors to bring your data on-chain.

We format data for smart contract use in internal and external reporting

Smart contracts are becoming the norm of how you deliver important information: in the financial sector, in your supply chain, and in every aspect of your business. We work with you to craft the smart contracts that will automate the delivery of your actual emissions data to relevant entities.


Have a near real-time view of your climate emissions data

Our infrastructure enables a machine-to-machine data exchange that allows you to receive accurate data into your current reporting systems and monitor different data streams in near-real-time. Keep your water usage, energy consumption, or GHG emissions under control and meet your company targets every quarter.

Decrease costs on IT infrastructure management

Hyphen brings state-of-the-art technology into your organization, creating substantial savings on your current costs in managing internal legacy infrastructures, outdated IT systems, and vulnerable firewalls. The Hyphen Oracle Network is reliable, built for redundancy, and always customized to your internal compliance and security needs.

Forget about reviewing spreadsheets with auditors

Having near real-time accurate data in your reporting systems will greatly reduce the need to hire a third-party auditor to review your climate disclosure spreadsheets. Hyphen works directly with the most recognized frameworks to ensure there is no human error in your data.

Stay ahead of the curve and be ready for changing regulations

We work to understand and interpret the data requirements of different reporting frameworks, making it simple for you to report in a modern, and seamless way via smart contracts. By implementing Hyphen, you will save time and resources in understanding the ever changing disclosure requirements.

Satisfy investors by showing off your true data

Having accurate data goes beyond serving our planet, it can bring new benefits to your company. Hyphen enables automated data sharing with investors and financial institutions in their preferred formats.