We believe true data
enables us to build a just and livable world for all.

…and we are not alone in this mission.

Our product is informed by the most advanced climate databases and input from the key players in the regulatory landscape.

Access to near real-time climate databases

Working with leading global and regional atmospheric monitoring agencies, we assemble the source data of GHG and ODS emissions and concentrations to validate and cross reference your climate impacts.

Integrated Carbon Observation System

Copernicus Programme

Action-oriented objectives aligned with global frameworks

We guide you through emerging regulations and the management of several types of reporting, always in alignment with TCFD, TNFD, the Glasgow Financial Alliance for Net Zero, the Montreal Protocol, the Paris Climate Accord, and the Science Based Targets Initiative.

Task Force on Climate-Related Financial Disclosures

Taskforce on Nature-related Financial Disclosures

Science-Based Targets

Glasgow Financial Alliance for Net Zero

Industry-specific guidance for more accurate reporting

We are constantly developing new perspectives for coordinated action with industry leaders, shaping the best ways to improve climate disclosures for each scope and each industry.

Energy & Utilities

Oil & Gas

Heavy industry

Food & Agribusiness

Join our network and move towards more accurate and faster climate action.

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