HYPHEN facilitates the validation of corporate commitments towards financing and building a more sustainable future for our planet.


We provide a decentralized system for green data collection, validation and distribution that can operate across industries and integrate into financial services and global banking systems for accurate and tamper proof green risk/reporting in order to align with ESG and to reach Net Zero.


HYPHEN is a decentralized framework enabling smart contract integrations for green risk/reporting into the global financial and banking sectors. Our approach is a combination of regular data collection, analytics, and actionable data sharing and reporting via the Hyphen Oracle Network.

The HYPHEN network will assist with emerging regulation and management of several types of emissions so that industry and financial services can take verifiable steps in alignment with TCFD, TNFD, the Glasgow Financial Alliance for Net Zero, the Montreal Protocol, the Paris Climate Accord, and the Science Based Targets Initiative.


Hyphen enables the alignment of industry action and financial services with the goals and objectives of TCFD, TNFD, the Glasgow Financial Alliance for Net Zero, the Montreal Protocol, the Paris Climate Accord and the Science Based Targets Initiative. Using specified emissions data recognized by these frameworks, we establish more transparent data reporting methods that allow any interested party to track global emissions in regular intervals.

This creates the technical opportunity to upgrade global emissions analysis for industry and governments to take more accurate and faster climate action.


We offer a framework for companies to demonstrate their real-world environmental impact according to their preferred framework (e.g. SBTi, TCFD, TNFD, GFANZ) by bringing their green risk/reporting data into the Hyphen Network for their real-world impact assessment, compliance reporting, and climate action automation. We will supply banks and financial institutions with the required climate data for smart contracts to automate any desired action.

We build API, smart contracts, and the necessary infrastructure in order to upgrade corporate systems, enabling them to automate green risk reporting through a decentralized oracle network.


We value and seek to create a more transparent green financial ecosystem. Our framework is designed to prevent and reduce the ability for climate and environmental fraud.

Establishing tamper-proof green risk/reporting systems for public and private sector entities is an essential part of positioning Green Finance as a leading concept within banking and finance. We seek to reduce the ability for green-washing and self-reporting through our automated systems for tracking emissions at source across supply chains.

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