We’re information activators.
Here to empower you to
make informed decisions
for impactful outcomes.

The climate crisis is accelerating and asking for bigger actions

Evolving regulations are pushing towards accurate disclosures

Corporate infrastructures are undergoing massive transformations

Hyphen enables immediate,
dynamic and well-informed actions to
address climate change.

We leverage state-of-the-art infrastructure

We’re at the forefront of technology, and can deliver on its promise of speed, security and automation, bringing the promise of the Fourth Industrial Revolution to life.

We enable accurate emissions reporting

Through automation and streamlining machine-to-machine communication, our smart contract system enables accurate data tracking and reporting from point source through point of sale.

We validate your data in a safe, tamper-proof framework

We leverage world-class data sets to cross-reference and validate your data, ensuring its accuracy along the way.

Robust infrastructure services to enable climate disclosures

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