Precision emissions verification through real-time atmospheric Greenhouse Gas monitoring

About us

At Hyphen, we are committed to pioneering science driven solutions while facilitating stakeholder coordination in order to institutionalize and de-risk natural capital.

Preserving Earth’s nature and biodiversity 
is absolutely imperative to ensure a sustainable future. Embracing the power of incentives, 
we must not only protect but also actively expand nature's realm. Hyphen stands resolute 
in its commitment to safeguarding ecosystems, nurturing biodiversity, and upholding the delicate equilibrium of our planet.

Access to real-time GHG data better informs the results of climate action and the integrity and value of carbon markets.

Hyphen’s scientific digital monitoring, reporting and verification (dMRV) approach promises to invigorate the carbon market by restoring trust and stimulating its expansion, 
consequently increasing financing for climate change mitigation.

We believe verified, timely and accurate climate intelligence is essential to the stability and resilience of the global financial system as the world transitions 
to a green economy.

Our Solution
Our core solutions utilize real-time atmospheric-
based greenhouse gas monitoring. Accurately 
measuring and distributing GHG fluxes, we provide 
a credible and trusted alternative in addition to traditional activity-based methods.

Refined through over six decades of research 
and operational experience under the World Meteorological Organization's auspices, our monitoring method ushers in an era of transparency, accuracy 
and speed of emissions verification.

Notably, our innovative verification system benefits dynamic and diverse emission sources and sinks.
Nature-based solutions
Nature-based solutions
oil and gas production
waste management
urban areas
why hyphen

Increasing certainty
of environmental claims increases confidence and
value in carbon credits

There has been a disconnect between emissions avoidance, removals claims and actual, measured impacts.
Uncertainties surrounding environmental claims decrease confidence in carbon markets and depreciates carbon credits 
and offsets, while putting enterprises 
at risk of greenwashing.

Hyphen’s solutions fix these uncertainties by providing a scientific foundation for improved markets, trust and verification.
  • Fostering public and private partnership, leveraging technical innovations, and uplifting the carbon market value chain with reliable data and verification.
  • Leveraging peer-reviewed
    science to ensure the highest quality of verification.
  • Providing highly scalable
    climate services for Web3
    and Web2 ecosystems.
Join us on this journey towards a more sustainable future. With real-time GHG data
and unrivaled expertise, Hyphen leads the way in harnessing the full potential of voluntary carbon markets and wider sustainability initiatives under the Paris Agreement.

Together, let's make 

a difference in the fight against climate change.