Solution 2

Geospatial GHG Data Sets

provide global and regional datasets, equipping organizations with real-time verified data for various purposes

Through a global network of in-situ flux towers, satellites and flask sampling operated by renowned intergovernmental, research, and private organizations, our system assimilates data into secure GHG concentration and flux data streams. This solution provides near real-time access to GHG concentrations and fluxes obtained from the global network of observation stations containing in-situ flux towers and gas analyzers 
at various heights.  

The integration of public and private sector 
data enriches the data pool available 
for various applications.

Providing timely access to trusted data, 
our system enhances transparency 
and contributes to more efficient market functionality, while unlocking the power 
of atmospheric greenhouse gas data 
for diverse use cases.

Leverage the highest standard of scientific grade GHG data
Demonstrate climate leadership with transparent data  
Secure integration with tamper-proof, verified data
Catalyze climate innovation
rooted in reality
Global and regional GHG data streams (CH4, CO2, N2O)
Historical and
real-time dynamic
access to GHG data
data streams 
Integrate data
in traditional
or web3 formats
Join us on this journey towards a more sustainable future. With real-time GHG data
and unrivaled expertise, Hyphen leads the way in harnessing the full potential of voluntary carbon markets and wider sustainability initiatives under the Paris Agreement.

Together, let's make 

a difference in the fight against climate change.