About us


Hyphen is a climate tech company 
based in Basel, Switzerland, dedicated to institutionalizing and de-risking natural capital in order to accelerate climate action.

Guided by a team of experts we orchestrate seamless coordination and deploy state-of-the-art infrastructure, ensuring the integrity 
of environmental claims.

Together, let's revolutionize the fight against climate change and usher in a brighter, sustainable future. Join us as we rewrite the narrative of climate action.

We value the importance of science in everything we do in supporting environmental outcomes.

We value
the importance
of science
in everything
we do in supporting environmental outcomes.

As a dynamic entrepreneur, Miles Austin has been acknowledged among the top 100 global CEOs in sustainable finance by KPMG. With a history of scaling businesses, 
he serves as CEO and Chairman of the board of directors 
at Hyphen, leading the company's vision and strategy. 

Chief Executive Officer
Miles Austin

Former President of the World Meteorological Organization 
and retired Assistant Deputy Minister for Canada's Ministry 
of Environment and Climate Change, David Grimes now serves as Hyphen's Chief Climate Officer, and is a member 
of the board of directors. 

Chief Climate Officer
David Grimes

Formerly acting as Director of Climate Services at the World Meteorological Organization, Disaster Risk Management 
at the United Nations Development Program and Science Advisor on Disaster Risk Management at the World Bank, Maxx brings unprecedented experience to his role of Director of Atmospheric Monitoring Services at Hyphen.  

Director of Atmospheric Monitoring Services
Maxx Dilley

A media entrepreneur and filmmaker, Andreas has a successful history of founding production companies and acting as Senior Producer for Vice Media. As a co-founder and CMO at Hyphen, he utilizes his experience to spearhead marketing strategies and company narrative.  

Chief Marketing Officer
Andreas Bräuning Arcos

Daniel Aebischer brings vast financial leadership as Hyphen's CFO, having previously served as Deputy CFO at Deloitte Switzerland and running his own accounting consultancy, reflecting his financial expertise.

Chief Financial Officer
Daniel Aebischer

Ruben, a Research Engineer at Hyphen, focuses on AI for environmental solutions. His work includes a thesis with IBM Research on greenhouse gas estimations using remote sensing data. With a background in data engineering and software engineering across various sectors, he contributes significantly to Hyphen's technology impact mission.

Senior Research Engineer
Ruben Gonzalez

Felix Yang specializes in computer vision and machine learning. His diverse experience includes projects in medical image analysis at Roche and weather forecasting at MeteoSwiss. He has joined Hyphen as a Research Software Engineer to build the software infrastructure and to work on novel methodologies for atmospheric-based dMRV.

Research Engineer
Felix Yang

With a 17-year career that spans from System Administrator 
to DevOps and Site Reliability Engineer, Oleksandr Marchenko's expertise in blockchain and IT infrastructure is key in his role 
as DevOps Engineer, guiding technological strategy and execution.

DevOps Engineer
Oleksandr Marchenko

A seasoned climate entrepreneur with successful 
exits and roles in companies such as Google and InMobi 
EMEA, Gustav Holst Stuge supports Hyphen in business development and commercial leads. He holds an MBA 
from London Business School. 

Gustav Holst Stuge

Vicente has 11 years of leadership in construction, mining, and healthcare, focused on sustainability and organizational goals. Educated in Chile and Spain, he offers a global perspective and innovative business management. He promotes circular economy housing projects in Chile.

Vicente Marchant

Michael Byrnes, an economist, moral philosopher, and writer, leads Out of the Box Insight and an international consultant. With experience in investment banking and U.S. technology transfer strategies involving defense and security agencies, he is also a published author.

Michael Byrnes

Colt Simmons lives in Colorado and serves in the international business development arenas.  He’s held senior business, elective and governmental leadership positions at Rocky Mountain Innovation Partners (RMIP), US Space Command, and as Teller County, Colorado Assessor. A graduate of USAF War College, Mr. Simmons served with distinction, held the top USAF Master Space Operations rating, deployed multiple times, and retired as a Lt. Colonel, USAF/ANG.

Colt Simmons

Rich Jortberg specializes in due diligence and international project management, with a background in commercial real estate finance. He managed a $150 million concession in Sub-Saharan Africa and has overseen projects in the APEC region exceeding $2 billion at buildout. He's a director at Alpinpark, one of Hyphen’s project development partners, and holds a graduate degree from the University of Wisconsin, Madison in commercial real estate finance and valuation.

Rich Jortberg

With over 20 years of leadership in product visions and geospatial technology, Brett Tackaberry has been a key figure in the tech industry. His work at Azavea and dedication to social causes exemplify his innovative approach.  

Brett Tackaberry

Elvie Kamalova is a seasoned blockchain industry leader 
and originator of an investment arm at Chainlink Labs. 
She has worked with major financial services corporations 
on digital transformation and is a frequent speaker and writer on blockchain technology. She's also the recipient 
of the President Barack Obama Volunteer Service Award.

Elvie Kamalova

David Bennell directs the Transformational Investing in Food Systems Initiative, investing in climate and bioscience startups. His experience includes leading R&D and sustainability in corporations and a 5-year adjunct role at MIT. He serves on the boards of Wolfe's Neck Center, linked to the OpenTEAM agriculture tech platform, and American Forests, the oldest US forest conservation group.

David Bennell

David Casey is a veteran blockchain entrepreneur specializing in startup incubation. As Director of Protocol Labs' Funding the Commons, he expands public goods funding via conferences and hackathons. He founded Resource Finance and NuMundo, sources opportunities for Celo, and advises Gane MVNO and Values Co., an impact-centric rewards platform.

David Casey
Join us on this journey towards a more sustainable future. With real-time GHG data
and unrivaled expertise, Hyphen leads the way in harnessing the full potential of voluntary carbon markets and wider sustainability initiatives under the Paris Agreement.

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