October 19, 2023

Bridging Carbon Markets and Biodiversity

Bridging Carbon Markets and Biodiversity

Recent focus on biodiversity illuminates the voluntary carbon market's (VCM) untapped potential, underscoring its critical role in a balanced climate equation. At the global level, this was demonstrated in Montreal, Canada, during COP 15, where the Parties adopted the Kunming-Montreal Global Biodiversity Framework to halt and reverse nature loss, recognizing its criticality in meeting Sustainable Development Goals and limiting global warming to 1.5 degrees.

The utility of the VCM extends beyond mere carbon. Accurate and timely biodiversity metrics can holistically elevate the value of carbon credits and establish a more comprehensive approach to climate change mitigation.

It's with this insight that we announce a strategic partnership between Hyphen and CEVEN. This alliance combines Hyphen’s leading-edge expertise in Atmospheric-based digital monitoring, reporting, and verification (dMRV) with CEVEN’s trailblazing efforts to provide comprehensible information on biodiversity for decision-makers and stewards of nature’s capital. This is achieved through the collection, digitization, and distribution of biodiversity data, and ensures Hyphen’s technical infrastructure to seamlessly integrate biodiversity metrics to provide a holistic representation of natural ecosystems, accurately measuring both greenhouse gas emissions and quantifying biodiversity within observed ecosystems.

In biodiversity-critical regions on the brink, our mission goes beyond metrics. Harmonizing the rigors of carbon trading with vital biodiversity safeguards and community upliftment reflects the ambitious global framework agreed upon during COP 15 and expanded during the conferences that continue to follow. As partners, we establish new parameters for how carbon projects should equally incorporate biodiversity and emissions measurements into MRV processes.

Protecting and expanding natural areas for GHG removal goes beyond carbon offsets; it enhances ecosystem services and biodiversity. This multi-dimensional approach integrates biodiversity data into Hyphen’s Atmospheric-based dMRV as complementary layers, providing a fuller picture of ecosystem health and improvement, as well as of correlations between biodiversity and carbon cycles. This approach also paves the way for north-south climate finance transfers, which adds significant levels of impact to our joint endeavors.

We're advancing a vision where carbon markets emerge as holistic ecosystems that prioritize sustainability, biodiversity, as well as the rights and voices of local communities. Just as the Montreal meeting set clear targets to address issues like overexploitation and pollution while safeguarding the rights of indigenous peoples, this partnership seeks to echo those objectives as a force for transformative and scalable good in society at large.


CEVEN provides Software-as-a-Service for comprehensive biodiversity information and monitoring, specializing in site-specific biodiversity monitoring and tracking the performance of natural assets. CEVEN offers a comprehensive and intelligible collection of biodiversity information to assist decision-makers and individuals responsible for preserving nature. In the same way, companies rely on Business Intelligence to gain valuable insights, CEVEN provides a reliable source of knowledge on biodiversity performance. CEVEN's ability to merge local (eDNA) and remote sensing data and its adaptability to any other reliable data source sets it apart.

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Hyphen is committed to pioneering science-based digital MRV solutions with a strong emphasis on environmental preservation and collaborative stakeholder engagement. We firmly believe that safeguarding biodiversity and ecosystems is imperative for a sustainable future. By harnessing real-time atmospheric greenhouse gas data, our mission is to enhance the integrity of carbon markets.

Hyphen’s methodologies have been honed through over six decades of research conducted under the auspices of the World Meteorological Organization. We place atmospheric greenhouse gas monitoring at the forefront of efforts to improve the verification of emissions reductions, removals and sources. In an era characterized by the global shift toward a green economy and the overarching goals of the Paris Agreement, Hyphen stands as a leader, advocating for science-driven MRV solutions that unlock the full potential of voluntary carbon markets and comprehensive sustainability initiatives.

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