November 16, 2023

Empowering Corporate Insetting with Atmospheric-based dMRV

Empowering Corporate Insetting with Atmospheric-based dMRV

Today, Hyphen and NSET reveal a strategic partnership, solidifying a shared vision to facilitate the achievement of corporate Net-Zero. Both groups pledge our expertise and technology to improve transparency, credibility and accuracy within corporate insetting.

Insetting represents a novel approach to climate impact mitigation and is gaining traction as a complementary strategy alongside offsetting in the pursuit to reach net zero–both approaches serve as vital pieces of the sustainability puzzle.

Rather than only looking externally and buying carbon credits to offset their climate footprint, businesses can finance initiatives and sustainable practices within their own value chain that reduce or remove emissions through insetting. A significant aspect of insetting focuses on regenerative agriculture practices, which enhance soil health, increase biodiversity, and sequester carbon. By adopting these practices, companies can reduce their emissions footprint by improving the carbon-storing capacity of the land they directly work with or source from. PepsiCo's climate action strategy emphasizes scaling sustainable agriculture and incorporating regenerative practices as central to its mitigation efforts.

As further context, reforestation programs can be categorized into 'offsetting', where trees are planted away from the emission source, and 'insetting', where trees are planted within the supply chains of a company. Nestle, for example, has also adopted the insetting approach, planting trees within their value chain, i.e., on farms where their materials are sourced.

Insetting demands sustained commitment as businesses directly infuse more sustainable practices into the core of their operational framework. Such improved practices aspire not only to mitigate negatives but truly to enhance positives, fostering a beneficial influence within the company's value chain.

Insetting projects have demonstrable positive impact on a value chain’s associated communities, landscapes, and ecosystems. Weaving sustainability into their core operations, companies harness the potential to increase their profitability while enhancing their overall climate strategies and lowering their carbon footprint. A strategic blend of insetting with traditional carbon offsetting provides companies a comprehensive pathway to achieve net zero targets, while enabling them to reap both environmental and economic rewards. Further support for insetting is gaining momentum; firms such as Engie Impact and Financial Times have continued to report on insetting, and Tesla even has a $2B revenue stream from generating credits from their value chains.

Nset helps enterprises identify pathways for internal carbon reduction and transforming supply chain emissions into revenue opportunities. They accomplish this by pinpointing where insetting can take place, analyzing ROI of insetting vs. offsetting, and enabling companies to generate their own carbon credits by decarbonizing their supply chain.

Just like offsetting, insetting may be vulnerable to accusations of greenwashing if the mitigation activities it encompasses fail to demonstrate clear, transparent, and quantifiable results leading to verifiable emission reduction or removal claims.

Hyphen bolsters this process through atmospheric-based digital monitoring, reporting, and verification (dMRV). This enables the meticulous tracking and measurement of greenhouse gas fluxes in equivalent metric tons–be it from emission sources, sinks, reductions, or removals– to support NSET in the validation of claims of corporate insetting.

Our collective endeavor will touch various sectors, such as Food & Agriculture, Oil & Gas, Energy, Urban Areas, Waste Management, and Nature-based solutions.

With this partnership, Hyphen and NSET promise a brighter, sustainable future while advancing a vision where environmental responsibility and profitability go hand in hand.


At nset, we empower enterprises to turn supply chain emissions into revenue opportunities. We identify insetting avenues, analyze ROI, and enable companies to generate their own carbon credits within their value chains. Working with suppliers, MRV providers, innovative technologies, and enterprises, we unlock carbon reduction potential and reduce the cost of carbon reductions through credits, RECs, or RINs.

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Hyphen is committed to pioneering science-based digital MRV solutions with a strong emphasis on environmental preservation and collaborative stakeholder engagement. We firmly believe that safeguarding biodiversity and ecosystems is imperative for a sustainable future. By harnessing real-time atmospheric greenhouse gas data, our mission is to enhance the integrity of carbon markets.

Hyphen’s methodologies have been honed through over six decades of research conducted under the auspices of the World Meteorological Organization. We place atmospheric greenhouse gas monitoring at the forefront of efforts to improve the verification of emissions reductions, removals and sources. In an era characterized by the global shift toward a green economy and the overarching goals of the Paris Agreement, Hyphen stands as a leader, advocating for science-driven MRV solutions that unlock the full potential of voluntary carbon markets and comprehensive sustainability initiatives.

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