October 26, 2023

Hyphen and InvestConservation® announce partnership on Borneo project in Indonesia

Hyphen and InvestConservation® announce partnership on Borneo project in Indonesia

Hyphen and InvestConservation® today announce their partnership on a marquee carbon and biodiversity project in Indonesian Borneo. The partnership leverages InvestConservation’s focus on conserving  the world’s most threatened and biodiverse tropical forests and Hypen’s cutting edge technology for measurement of carbon sequestration.

For carbon investors the partnership delivers a transparent, scalable solution tackling tropical deforestation and precision measuring of carbon sequestration.

The project in East Kalimantan, Indonesia, safeguards approximately 100,000 hectares of intact lowland and sub-montane forest, among the Earth's most precious and imperiled ecosystems.

This initiative is part of a broader vision to incorporate biodiversity metrics and science based data
into the voluntary carbon market to increase the market's transparency, credibility, and overall impact.

John Rogers, CEO & Founder of InvestConservation® stated, “Together we are bridging the divide between ‘avoidance’ and ‘removals’; investors can now access maximum impact on climate and biodiversity and do so with certainty on carbon sequestration.”

Miles Austin, CEO & Founder of Hyphen stated, “We are driving transformation, combining biodiversity monitoring with our atmospheric-based digital MRV for precision emissions measurements, thus establishing a robust path for a more comprehensive approach.”


John, Rogers, CEO, InvestConservation |

Miles Austin, CEO, Hyphen |

About InvestConservation®:
InvestConservation® is a mission driven company focused on protecting irreplaceable biodiversity in tropical forests.
For further information please visit:

About Hyphen:
is dedicated to measuring and ascertaining the true value of carbon credits through pioneering real-time atmospheric-based dMRV (digital Monitoring, Reporting and Verification). For further information please visit:

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