October 18, 2023

Hyphen Joins Switzerland's Green Fintech network

Hyphen Joins Switzerland's Green Fintech network

We're thrilled to announce that Hyphen Global AG is now a proud member of the Green Fintech Network!

This prestigious network, initiated by the Swiss State Secretariat for International Finance (SIF), boasts notable members such as UBS, Ernst & Young, SIX, MSCI, Open Forest Protocol, Swisscom, and the University of Zurich.

The Swiss Green Fintech Network is a multi-stakeholder association dedicated to nurturing the green digital finance ecosystem in Switzerland. Guided by its ambition to position Switzerland as a global leader in green digital finance by 2030, the Network is devoted to facilitating optimal conditions for green fintechs and fostering innovative, sustainable solutions.

The Green Fintech Action Plan was crafted in 2021, laying out a strategic agenda to bolster a flourishing green fintech ecosystem. This agenda aims to:

1. Connect the wider green fintech ecosystem.

2. Create visibility for fintechs

3. Foster sustainability-related discourses.

4. Support availability and ease of access to sustainability data.

5. Ensure adequate funding and support is available for Swiss green fintechs.

By uniting Swiss fintechs, corporates, and academia, the Green Fintech Network facilitates the dialogue between Swiss companies and startups and their technologies, a commitment underscored by the publication and upkeep of a green fintech map. This sharpens the focus on transparency in sustainability matters while augmenting awareness, education, and capacity-building efforts to address sustainability challenges. Furthermore, by linking investors and advisors with startups in green digital finance, the initiative bolsters Swiss fintechs' development and fundraising pursuits, offering clear investment opportunities.

At Hyphen Global AG, we're honored to stand alongside a diverse array of members, from budding startups to industry titans. We're committed to pushing the boundaries of industry leadership in Switzerland and contributing to the Green Fintech Network!

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